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I (Dustin) was privileged to grow up in a Christian home with parents who love the Lord. I was saved at the age of five, but later struggled to find the assurance of my salvation. It was not until my college years at NC State University that I settled that issue for good. God led me to my wife, Emily, while at NC State and after graduation in December 2001, we were married on June 22, 2002.


We moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL and I began my career as a structural engineer working for the Florida Department of Transportation. Five years later, we moved to Tampa, FL and I began working in the private sector as a structural engineer. The Lord gave us two beautiful daughters during our time in Florida: Riley and Ainsley.


Little did I realize that while I was serving the Lord in our local church, teaching the Single’s Sunday school class and leading the AWANA program, God was preparing to do a work in my life that I have yet to recuperate from. It was during revival meetings that I realized how little I actually knew God, and how far below the standard of New Testament Christianity I was living. For the first time in my life, I began to experience victory over sin and I knew, by experience, that God not only had the power to save me from the penalty of sin, but also from the power of it. My experiences were finally aligning with what I already knew should have been true.

God began to create a desire in my heart to be an Evangelist a few years later. I quit my job and began to pursue Evangelism. After a year of pursuing Evangelism and receiving much Godly counsel, the Lord softened my heart to go back to college, this time to study the Scriptures. My family relocated to Shelby, NC and I began attending Ambassador Baptist College in January, 2013. Crossroads Baptist Church in Columbus, NC licensed me to the Gospel preaching ministry in January, 2016 and I received a Master’s degree from Ambassador Baptist College in May, 2016.


I have given the Lord my life to be in the ministry of Evangelism, to see sinners saved and saints revived. If we can be a help to your ministry, please, give me a call (813-957-0366) or contact me below.

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